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ISComplete benytter "målstyrt prosjektledelse" , eller "goal directed project management" som metode for prosjektledelse. Metoden er kort beskrevet her:

"Goal Directed Project Management - the method

An increasing number of organisations are faced with the task of managing complex projects.

Goal Directed Project Management is a comprehensive philosophy, process and method for managing projects, and has proven applicable to all kinds of project ranging from behavioural change to large technical endeavours.

The method is based upon layered planning;

  • A management level focusing on controllable results (Milestones) throughout the project and how to organise to achieve these.
  • A detail level outlining the activities and responsibility for achieving a Milestone.

Separating the big picture from the details is a prerequisite for management to obtain and keep a stable overview of progress and results, and at the same time ensure control on a sufficient level of detail.

GDPM also implies a planning process, on both levels, involving the different parties so that a common understanding of task and the objectives is reached, and ownership to the plans is gained.

The quality of the process is significant to the quality of the plans, and in turn for the quality of the project implementation. "

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